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April is sitting home alone while her boyfriend is at the gym. Well she is pregnant, hungry and not happy about it. Luckily he comes home with a huge cake for this plumper and that makes her happy and horny. She licks the icing from the cake and then licks the tip of his rock hard cock. Damn are all fatties this horny when they get some food. Well your really gonna enjoy watching this huge boobed BBW get banged. Can’t wait to see those huge tits filled with milk also. It’s gonna be awesome.

Melts in Your Mouth

Melts in Your Mouth

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? It is sweet and fluffy and most importantly, it’s the perfect light snack to get Rose in the mood. As it dissolves on her tongue, the sugar rush goes straight to her pussy. She gets dizzy with desire for dick and her slit oozes sweet wetness. Let her nibble away at her cotton candy while you do the same to her pussy, and she will attack your cock the way only a horny, big girl can-with her huge tits jiggling in your face and her juicy twat dripping all over your balls.

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Pleasures Of A Plumper

Pleasures Of A Plumper

Krissy Dawson hails from the appropriately-named Czech city of Jizbice and found out about XLGirls through our man in Prague who spotted Krissy and showed her some copies of XLGirls magazine he keeps as samples to show prospective models in his office.

A former wrestler, Krissy said she’d never modeled naked before, much less fuck total strangers on-camera but she was up for the challenge. Are European women more uninhibited and sexually adventurous than American women, on average? Sometimes it would seem so.

Krissy begins her second scene by playing with her 44-inch knockers and wide areolae. She says that stroking and massaging her tits always works her up and gets her hot. She’ll either finish the job with her own hands, or if she’s seeing a guy, she’ll hit the phone and make a booty call. Krissy doesn’t have to do either because the service-cock is here to fix her wagon. She can trust her pussy to him. He’s licensed and bonded and guarantees satisfaction. The last time she fucked at XLGirls, Krissy had a tough taskmaster in Neeo in The Training Of Krissy Dawson. That got a 5 of 5 Star Rating.

This new dude is more of a regular fuck buddy and doesn’t carry a leash. Krissy and her new friend go at it and try out a list of fucking moves straight out of a sex position book, from missionary to cowgirl plus Krissy’s own favorite position for satisfaction doggie-style. A moaner but not a talker when she’s in the throes of carnal coupling, Krissy’s tits and belly jiggle nicely as she moves in tandem with the thrusts she receives. Her reward for this pole-pleasing is a big cum load on her face. Will Krissy Dawson be back one day for more cum and games? Only time will tell.

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Tool Time Girl

Tool Time Girl

XLGirls has long wanted to do a “tool time girl” with Lisa Canon. She’s the hands-on type and it’s easy to picture Lisa working on some household project in a home workshop. Actually, the truth is she fits into that tight tool time girl outfit like she was made for it!

Lisa goes for guys doing guy stuff. She says that she likes to watch her husband work on his car.

“Yes, I love that. Him being a man, working on his car, or playing football. Him without his shirt on, him just being a man, working on things, doing yard work. Anything that gets him hot and sweaty-I love it. As long as he’s being manly.”

She likes fucking manly, rugged guys too.

“I love having rough sex. But like any girl I like the sensual, soft, kiss-me, love-me type of sex. But then there’s times when you’re just like, ‘Fuck me!’ I’ve had sex on the hood of a car behind an abandoned building. I like outdoor sex. It’s fun. I think what it is; why I have sex in public, is because if someone catches me it brings up the risk factor. It’s more intriguing.”

How would her friends describe Lisa?

“I’m crazy. I’m bubbly. I like to have fun. I’m the first one to do anything crazy, whatever it is.”

More power to her!

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More For Maria Moore

More For Maria Moore

As one of the best-known BBW models in porn, Maria Moore likes to keep her body and tits full for the camera. She never skips out on dessert and she even goes for that second scoop of ice cream. “I know I’m in the right business because I love food and I love fucking. Sure, I could go out and find a normal job, but I’m not a normal girl. I love showing off my big tits and my dick-sucking skills. And where else would I be able to do that and get to enjoy amazing food at the same time? I’ve always mixed food and sex in my personal life, and now the whole world gets to see it. That idea gives me the most satisfaction of all.”

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Eating for Two, Fucking for One

Eating for Two, Fucking for One

Pregnant women are the hungriest and horniest of them all. Now that Sunshine is six months along, her boobs and belly are bigger than ever and the only two things she craves are cock and chocolate. A regular check-up at the doctor turns into a preggo feast-and-fuck appointment when the male nurse feeds Sunshine chocolate. Once her appetites for food and sex have been triggered, there’s no stopping her from getting what she wants. The only time she stops eating is to suck his cock. It’s only with chocolate in her mouth and a cock in her pussy that Sunshine is sated…for now.

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Student Body

Student Body

Sashaa Juggs is never too busy studying to take a break and show off that sweet stuff she has. This is very educational stuff here so study every photo. There will be a pop quiz. Sashaa Juggs is a huge hit at XLGirls because she has it all.

“I’m originally from Los Angeles. Now I’m a dancer at a BBW club in New Jersey. I don’t really know how to dance, so I wing it. Basically, I just walk around the club talking to the guys and giving lap dances. I just grind them real hard. I have some competition but I am the biggest-breasted.”

“I’m an exhibitionist and I love it. That’s why I wanted to dance and be in porn, because I love knowing that guys are watching me and thinking about fucking me. So because of that, I always get way into what I’m doing to get other people to react to me.”

“If guys say nasty things to me, I’ll play along and encourage them. Things like, ‘I wanna stick my dick in your ass.’ I don’t get upset with them. Or they’ll say things like, ‘You’re so beautiful. Why are you doing this? You should be with a man who can take care of you.’ That kinda stuff.”

“If I’m going out to a club–going out to impress–then yes, I dress to show off my tits. But if it’s just going out to dinner or something then I dress casual. But my boobs are always out there. When I’m dressing to impress, I wear colorful clothes because I feel good about myself now, not like when I was younger and insecure and always dressed to hide them if I could.”

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Big Girl Strip Club

Big Girl Strip Club

Could you handle the nasty action in a private lap dance room with Charlie Cooper fucking you in bad-girl positions, licking and sucking your balls, sucking and jacking your rock-hard prick? This is the place to be!

We don’t often manage strip clubs but if we did, it would be the Big Girl Strip Club and Charlie would be one of our star lap dancers. And she would be free to go wild in the VIP room where the washable furniture is very suitable for lap bouncing and won’t stick to a girl’s ass.

This player is about to get the lap dance grind of his life and a whole lot more when Charlie drops her huge, firm tits over his meat-club and rubs it stiff so she can worship it. Too bad there are so few lap dance clubs in the real world that hire dancers as stacked as Charlie. Sadly, there are almost no strip clubs for guys who love the larger ladies.

Charlie isn’t a stripper for real, just in your juggalicious dreams. In the real world, Charlie’s a CNA (certified nursing assistant). She doesn’t lap dance her geriatric patients (too dangerous) but at least they have some buxom eye-candy to drool over.

We are super-fans of Charlie Cooper. She is awesome and so hot. What a body. What a face. Please, Charlie, sit on our laps and bounce.

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Take Out… Your Cock

Take Out... Your Cock

Being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is nice, but sometimes you just wanted to order take out and veg at home. Rikki prefers the latter, and she has her reasons. “I get so fucking horny when I eat that I’d rather just be at home so I can fuck right there. If I’m at a restaurant I just get into trouble. Especially if the food is really good. The better it tastes, the hornier I get. I will start trying to suck my guy’s dick under the table. In the heat of the moment I might drag him into the bathroom to fuck. To be honest, the number of restaurants I’m not allowed in anymore is a bit ridiculous. So I’d rather just order take out.”

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Fucks Like An Angel

Fucks Like An Angel

She looks like an angel. Walks like an angel. Talks like an angel.

If you think she fucks like an angel, you are 100% correct. Gorgeous Angel DeLuca is a busty angel of sexual nirvana. She can have anyone eating out of her hand just for a chance to get into her panties.

Angel is very flexible and can get her body into hot positions and wide-spread pink poses. If you have seen her previous sets and videos, you know that she is a very erotic seductress and very physical. She’s great at nipple-licking, masturbation, naked splits and leg-extensions. And great at fucking the cock.

Angel spreads her legs wide and wider for Tony’s sausage in this, her second fuck scene for XLGirls. But only after giving him a tantalizing display of her succulent tits, spankable ass and hypnotic pussy.

Angel is bi and has a wife at home but she’s very sexually open and that includes fucking guys too now and then.

“We did have this one guy who we kept around for a while but it’s normally more of a one-night stand type of thing,” said Angel who found us and contacted us at

Angel’s second one-night stand at is something to savor over and over again, making this scene a go-to for nut-busting fun. She really knows how to please a horny guy. We hope to see her fuck again soon.

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